Are You Sitting Comfortably? #34 – The Last Witch Hunter

Are You Sitting Comfortably? #34 – The Last Witch Hunter by Roobox on Mixcloud

Sick of paying attention? You need a romp with Vin Diesel in the garden!

Sit down (comfortably) with Scott and Roo in the East London Radio studio for another hour of soundtracks, movie reviews, and general silliness. This week, we discuss yet another Star Wars trailer, a new Alice sequel, and who the manliest men in cinema.

All of which leads us to talk about a film with somewhat less cultural weight behind it than Bond (we reviewed Spectre last week) – ‘The Last Witch Hunter’. It’s a movie without a brain that knows it’s as daft as it is. Despite its confidence in the absurd, it still doesn’t quite stop us from wishing we were watching dreadful daytime telly instead. Find out why, alongside fab music from Steve Jablonsky and John Williams! Tweet us via @elrcomfortably!



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