Creative Bloc is a collective of artists from ‘in and around Leytonstone,’ Their exciting and eclectic show ‘Set In Stone’ at Leytonstone station’s ‘Fill The Gap Gallery’ should have something for everyone!
This exhibition follows their well attended and successful debut show ‘Hibernacula’ also shown at the Fill the Gap Gallery, where Creative Bloc attracted some great publicity from the local press and brought in a crowd of art loving locals to this well located spot, many of whom commented on the great use of this space.

For the ‘Set in Stone’ show, Creative Bloc will be presenting a variety of work including photography, printing, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and even a sound installation. The arts trail will give Creative Bloc and Fill The Gap Gallery a chance to yet again show what a fantastic addition they are to Leytonstone’s ever expanding art scene by encouraging the whole community to enjoy high quality, thought-provoking work in this great venue and to meet and talk to some of the artists involved.
The Set In Stone show opens Friday 4th July 6-9pm and then weekends 11am -5pm and weekdays 6pm-8pm, closing on Sunday 13th July at 5pm.