Cult Friction 10.10.14 Destination STAR TREK LONDON 2014 Special #DST3 #STARTREK by Cult Friction on Mixcloud

On the biggest CULT FRICTION to date, we got access to the events down at DESTINATION STAR TREK LONDON at the Excel Centre 2014!

On this special show we look at all things Trek with EXCLUSIVE interviews with BRENT SPINER aka DATA (Next Generation), JOHN DE LANCIE aka Q (Next Generation, DS9, Voyager), BRUCE GREENWOOD aka Admiral PIKE (Star Trek, Into Darkness), ROBERT PICARDO aka THE DOCTOR EMH (Voyager, First Contact, DS9), ETHAN PHILLIPS aka NEELIX (Voyager) and ARON EISENBERG aka NOG (DS9)!

We also interview the team behind the QUALCOMM X-PRIZE TRICORDER Competition as well a talk with the developers behind the new STAR TREK TIMELINES Online Strategy Game!

With thanks to Irish Trekkie and ST Online Player Robbie O’Brien for helping out with the interviews on Day 2 and 3! @Bobsled624

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