Interviews with Cristine Leone of Ivy’s Mess Hall in Dalston & Sarah Meadows & Camilla Whitehill by Eastlondonradio on Mixcloud

Food Blogger Marianne Arake speaks with Cristine Leone, the chef at Ivy’s Mess Hall in Dalston and Mel chats with Director Sarah Meadows and Camilla Whitehill about “Where Do Little Birds Go” , a play based on the true story of Lucy Fuller who was kidnapped by the Kray Twins in White Chapel in the 60s. The play is also an exploration of how the vulnerable women in these stories can fade into the background while the men become the focal point.  Unfortunately, this still goes on today and both Sarah & Camilla would like this story to be one of the many told as part of the International Women’s Day celebration happening around the capital.

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